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Our Story

In January 2017, a then 9-year-old Samuel Glancy realised there was a need to help local School Children with School Supplies. He met 2 boys that had escaped from domestic violence, they had no beds, no food, no Christmas presents and it changed his world and opened his eyes.

His very own School leftovers, made him think of these 2 boys and others in similar circumstances. In the first year he started collecting and helping 2 local Schools and gathered 4000 School Supplies. Since then, with the help of the local Community, he has helped over 13 Local and Regional Schools plus an overseas School, giving over 100,000 School Supplies.

All of the Supplies are given to the Chaplains and Welfare Officers before School starts. Chaplains have shared there are approximately 50 children who don’t have supplies on their first day.

The School Supplies have made a difference, with reports that children feel like they belong with having their own school supplies. Parents have called the Schools saying their children can’t attend as there are no supplies, the Chaplains have shared that they can now help. We have helped many single Parents, Parents with illnesses, even Cancer and families going through many hard times.

Samuel called his Fundraiser ‘Kids4Kids’ as he wanted Kids helping Kids. He wanted to bring smiles to those in need and wanted them to have equal opportunities to Education and learning.

The Demand

With a simple idea from a then 9 year old boy, we realised from day 1 that this wasn’t just a simple idea but an actual need. It highlighted how many children in our local community alone were in need.

Increasing pressures on families and finances, we found each year the amount of Schools needing help and children needing supplies becoming bigger and bigger. We received requests from local, regional and international Schools.

The Kids4Kids idea that Sam had, we realised needed to change from a Fundraiser run by a child’s dream to help, to a reality that this needs future support and funding to continue helping those in need.

Kids4Kids Foundation Logo
A Bigger Vision

Where we are today

Today Kids4Kids is filled with hearts the same as Samuel’s. With more people to help and a bigger vision, support can be given to many more children in need.

Kids4Kids Foundation Charity is constructed with a Board, Ambassadors, Volunteers all with a heart for disadvantage Kids.

It has a Head Quarters located in the Bethania Community Centre where students can have the opportunity to pick their own School Supplies & feel like they have their own belongings.

In 2022, the Kids4Kids Foundation was officially registered as an ACNC-approved charity, obtaining DGR status. The charity is governed by a Board. In just two years they’ve collected an additional 90,000 school supplies. Since its inception, the foundation has experienced remarkable growth in both its reach and accessibility to families in need.

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How Kids4Kids has made an impact

Empowering children for a better future