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Host a Fundraiser

Make a difference to a child in need by hosting your own Kids4Kids Fundraiser.

Helping those in need by hosting a Fundraiser, can not only make an impact on a Child’s life but it can also bring you both joy and fullfilment. Your support helps us to achieve our goal of helping more children in need plus helps spread awareness of how important it is to have the necessary resources for a child’s education. You can host your Fundraiser on your own, with your School or Workplace or with your local Community.

Planning & Hosting a Fundraiser

Below are some tips and checklist to help you plan and host a Fundraiser event.

  1. Define your Fundraiser Event.
  2. Plan your Event.
  3. Set a Goal.
  4. Organise what resources you need.
  5. Define your target audience.
  6. Organise your Fundraising Committee.
  7. Promote your Fundraiser.
  8. Collect donations.
  9. Give thanks and appreciation to contributors, donors, volunteers, staff and any vendors involved.
  10. Share your success with the Kids4Kids Foundation.

Fundraising Ideas

Here is a list of Charity Fundraising ideas that you can do at School, in the Workplace, Virtually or in your local Community.

Fundraising Ideas include:

  • Sporting challenge – Fun Run, Golf Event, Cycling Event.
  • Social Media challenge.
  • Trivia Event.
  • Bake Sale.
  • Car Wash.
  • Encourage donations instead of Birthday gifts – facilitate though Facebook.
  • Dress Up Day
  • Charity Night
  • Community Fete
  • Garage Sale
  • Host a morning or afternoon tea.
  • Go Fund Me Campaign.
  • Contact us to discuss your idea, we look forward to supporting you along the way.

Helping disadvantaged children lead happier, fuller lives.

Start your Fundraiser

Contact our Fundraising Team with your idea and our Fundraising Guidelines.