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Who is Kids4Kids Foundation?

Kids4Kids Foundation is a publicly listed company, limited by guarantee. It is a Non-Profit run completely by volunteers. Our Foundation is focused on helping Students in need with much need resources to help them have an Education.

When was the Kids4Kids Foundation established?

The Kids4Kids Foundation has been operating since 2007 as a Fundraiser by the then 8 year old Samuel Glancy, who with the help of the Community and has raised over 100,000 School Supplies and given to over 14 State, Local and Overseas Schools. It is from the need and the demand the Foundation was established as Samuel wants ‘no child to go without’.

Does the Foundation have a board?

Yes, currently there are 3 directors on the board and there is also an advisory council board, which assists to decide the direction of Kids4Kids Foundation

In what areas does the Kids4Kids Foundation operate?

Currently the Kids4Kids Foundation is located in Logan, Queensland but supplies to other areas throughout Brisbane & Queensland. We work in conjunction with other Organisations to help Regional and Overseas Schools in need.