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Make a difference and be a Kids4Kids Charity Ambassador

Become an Ambassador

The Kids4Kids Ambassadors are passionate and committed to help promote the awareness of our services and have a common goal of helping children in need develop a better education and future.

Our valued Volunteer Charity Ambassadors help raise awareness of our work by attending fundraising activities, they talk about our work and encourage others to get involved in fundraising activity.

Ambassador Role

The key role of an Ambassador is to raise awareness about the Kids4Kids Foundation is through personal advocacy. Kids4Kids Ambassadors accomplish this in several ways:

  • Ambassadors are enthusiastic and dedicated supporters of Kids4Kids who are excited to share our story to help promote awareness about our Kids4Kids Foundation.
  • Ambassadors are passionate about our cause and are committed to keeping abreast of new, relevant issues that may impact our Kids4Kids clients/community.
  • Ambassadors have the opportunity to participate in fundraising activities and to seek support from individuals and corporate partners, large and/or small, via contributions of time, money, and/or in-kind support.

Ambassador Support: 

  • Ambassadors will receive a PR Ambassador kit, including a copy of this signed agreement, any relevant Kids4Kids brochures/literature, and other supporting materials. 
  • Kids4Kids will make informational resources, including Kids4Kids film clips and marketing/reference materials available to Ambassadors as appropriate. 
  • Kids4Kids will recognise the role and contribution of Ambassadors on our website, in newsletters and through social media. 
  • Kids4Kids will promote Ambassador events and activities (if applicable) by listing meeting times and locations on the the Kids4Kids website, Facebook page and other varying platforms.
  • Kids4Kids will share Ambassador social media posts, Tweets and Facebook posts relevant to Kids4Kids Foundation on our site as appropriate.

The Kids4Kids Foundation welcomes passionate and committed Ambassadors to help the development and success of giving Students a better future.

Ambassador application form

By completing the form you are expressing your interest in volunteering with Kids4Kids Foundation. Ambassadors play a vital role at the Kids4Kids Foundation, all applications are reviewed with consideration.

Our Current Ambassadors