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Adopt a Box

Adopt a Box for your Office & help make an impact.

We have collected over 100,000 School Supplies through our Adopt a Box Scheme.

You simply have a Kids4Kids Donation Box located in your Office and you can involve the Community in helping to fill the box.

Our Donation Boxes have been successfully placed in Council and local MP Offices, Businesses, Shopping Centres and other Charity locations.

Your Office can help us to raise much needed School Supplies by:

  • Adopting one of our Kids4Kids Boxes.
  • Promoting the Kids4Kids Donation Box to your contacts by email, social media and marketing material in your Office.
  • Collecting the supplies at your Office and making sure they are in a safe location and being filled with new or good condition School Supplies.
  • Contact the Kids4Kids Team when the box is filled.
You can help make a difference with every box filled!

Contact Us to Adopt a Box OR Fill out the online form

Help provide crucial support with your Adopt a Box to ensure the Kids4Kids Foundation can continue doing what we do best!

Contact us and we can organise your Kids4Kids Foundation Donation Box.

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Business Details


1. The Kids4Kids Adopt-A Box remains the Property of Kids4Kids Foundation.
2.The Business agrees to place the Adopt-A-Box in a secure and safe place that won't be damaged.
3.When the Adopt-A-Box is full the Business will contact Kids4Kids Foundation on 0433420010 or email